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Project Design

Project Design

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Roads, Highways & Bridge

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Stell Structures & Erection

Key Services

The Design and Build approach is a comprehensive construction service system that brings the design and construction firms together in a focused relationship offering owners a single source of responsibility. Design and Build, a long-time favorite delivery system in the industrial sector, has been successfully adapted to commercial projects in both the private and public sectors. It is especially well suited to schedule driven projects. ASCC experience with Design and Build demonstrates how various modifications based  on  project  characteristics  and  the  owner’s  preferences create a vigorous performance profile that efficiently achieves all project objectives.

Land Surveying

ASCC Survey and Design team is one of the few companies in Afghanistan providing photographic services, road design, leveling and layout with high quality work. This company was established to bring the most up-to-date technology to Afghanistan due to an absolute need for our country. Our team consisting of engineers in the field of Architecture and Civil Engineering, land survey techniques and technology has always been used to enhance our engineers’ capabilities. These techniques require trained individuals to work as a survey crew.


Digital Terrain Modeling

A topographic map which is prepared by gathering horizontal and vertical information in XYZ form, is a site map showing the natural and artificial features by contour lines including, drainage patterns, hills and mountain’s location, rivers, farmlands, agricultural canals, airport runways, railway, etc. (natural features) and buildings, utility location and other man-made features (artificial features). ASCC Survey Team provides its customers with this type of data by its modern data acquisition tools (total station, station GPS and other required software) to simplify the work for them and make it as economical as possible. Our engineers at ASCC share a deep understanding of all three types of topographic survey, which includes the Site Survey, the Utility Survey, and the As-Build Survey.

Layout ASCC has the well-qualified  engineers to  exhibit a point location in accordance with designed points on the sites (layout). This includes: a complete layout of all residential and business settlements, buildings and  roads in different sites, pipe lines etc.

Digital terrain modeling, which is the electronic process of presenting topography in three dimensions, is another service that ASCC can offer to its customers. To ensure a high-quality work to satisfaction of its customers, ASCC has invested considerably on having the right kind and up-to-date equipment available for digitizing the terrain. We have purchased Geo Search theodolites to ensure the high-quality instruments are used at all times. Our staff of engineers and survey teams is highly adept at utilizing this equipment to its fullest extent.


We can easily claim that we are one of the few companies providing  unique and  professional design  services  in  Afghanistan.  ASCC  has made a very wise investment in the Design Portion of its services. This means that we have combined our services with another group of professional designers. Although costly to absorb, ASCC is unique in the  industry  by  offering  quality  production design   services   generated   by   a   team   of professionals that have years of experience and are keenly aware of the standards required by our industry – most of which mirror the American Standards like ACI and AISC. What follows is a very brief of design services we offer to our clients.

Equipment and Machinery

Aryob Speenghar Construction Company owns and operates one of the largest fleets of heavy construction equipment in the country. The equipment in our fleet is routinely inspected by our qualified ASCC mechanics. Our mechanics rely on our fully integrated equipment maintenance system to track every aspect of fleet maintenance, from fuel transactions to  preventative maintenance  scheduling.  As a  result, our clientele can be assured that ASCC equipment is safe, dependable, and able to complete any task. Our equipment department is responsible for all equipment used on our projects throughout the Afghan region from purchase  to  dispatch.  The  consolidated  services  of  the  equipment division give ASCC many distinct advantages during construction. Our equipment is modern, expertly maintained, and particularly adapted to the many demands of construction in Afghanistan. Our ability to provide the proper equipment allows us to complete work efficiently, on time, and safely – with cost saving results for our clients. The size of our equipment fleet provides  ASCC the ability  to  mobilize equipment to support our construction projects to expedite even the most difficult projects and deliver superior results. We understand the importance of our equipment being in top working condition and have put in place a thorough Preventative Maintenance program with every unit in our fleet at regular intervals to maximize efficiency and reduce costly downtime and prevent potential problems before they happen .

Asphalt Batching Plant

ASCC has its own asphalt production Plant with latest mixing technology, highly experienced operational staff, installed in the Kabul Industrial Park Area, with Capacity of 200 Tons Per  Hour and 1500 Tons Per Day, mix asphalt providing for the all of the central Region Construction Projects.