Atlas Sahil Construction Company

A leading construction company in Afghanistan


ASCC is a USACE certified construction company. ASCC is a multi-domain infrastructure project development company providing engineering, procurement and construction services in various fast-growing sectors such as roads & highways, bridges and buildings infrastructure management.


Engineering Projects

 Planning and management of the construction of structures such as highways, bridges, airports, rail ...


 Acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source, often via a tendering or competitive bidding process.


 Building large buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, road networks, ports, railways, and aqueducts.


Ready Mix Concrete

ASCC is one of the largest independent ready mixed concrete Supplier company in Afghanistan. The company manufactures and supplies Ready Mix Concrete (RMC).

Artificial Stones

ASCC Providing the following artificial stone services such as: Concrete paving, sidewalk paving, concrete flooring, concrete pavement flooring and etc...

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ASCC (Atlas Sahil Construction Company) is the station of experience and excellence in the field of construction and infrastructure services by striving continuously to provide eco-friendly global solutions, practices and commitment to the quality through motivated human and technology resources.

ASCC was incorporated in 1999 by professional’s teams having experience in the field of infrastructure development. In 2004, it was officially registered in AISA (Afghanistan Investment Support Agency) under the license number d-24096 and the HQ is located in the Kabul Afghanistan.

If you are looking for a professional team that can alter the image you have in your mind into a real construction, ASCC is the best choice.
Basam Murtaza Tahoor
Founder | Managing Director at iClick Agency



As a valuable partner for our clients and beneficiaries, Atlas Sahil Construction Company offers value-added construction services to customers within by crafting a mutually rewarding relationship that endows the highest level of quality, Safety and Environment in construction services at fair and market competitive rates.

We believe in building long lasting business relationships with our clients and beneficiaries, we committed to build a trustable relationship and providing the best possible services and delivering in an excellence manner.

Painda Mohammad Rasouli, CEO


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