Quality Policy

About ASCC

Quality Policy

The fundamental goal of ASCC is to consistently provide our Clients a product that meets and exceeds their requirements and expectations. ASCC Management operates under a structured procedure and system that is consistent with its Quality Control Manual, which includes requirements specific to

design, engineering, logistics, procurement and construction.

ASCC Is Continuously Committed To


Provide management support, leadership and example in the implementation of the Quality Control System

Educate, train and enhance awareness and knowledge of its employees and counterparts

Enhance customer satisfactory and productivity, minimize risk and non- conformance, while developing work ethics

Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System

Acknowledge and recognize individuals or partners that continuously abide by our core quality values

Provide management reviews and audits to measure goals are consistently being achieved

Ensure availability of resources

We recognize that a culture of Quality Control within our company and with our partners is the foundation for a strong relationship with our Clients, and is critical to ensuring a successful project handover.


Safety Policy

Aryob Speenghar Construction Company is in Strong believe that no other job is important than the worker health and safety and we believe that no work will be successfully done until not observing the Safety requirement during the work site. Safety of our work is one of the most important service we provide, not only to clients but also to our employees, subcontractors and those who are involved around the Construction site. In fact, focusing on Health and Safety during the construction phase is to save lives, prevention of employee’s deaths, permanently disabling, and major property loss. Our Health and safety Officers give appropriate training for personnel for using the correct personnel protective Equipment PPE

Environmental, Safety & Health Policy

ASCC construction is fully committed and shall conduct its business in a manner

which prevents incidents or accidents which cause loss of life, illnesses, damage to property, and environment. The company is committed to continual improvement in Health and Safety Performance through the setting of objectives and targets, with the monitoring of these through our benchmarking safety performance to ensure that the highest standards of safety, security, health an environmental protection were achieved.

ASCC management recognizes their responsibility for managing health and safety within the Company activities, and believe that all work-related injuries and all injuries and accidents at work are preventable. Working safety is a condition of employment for all employees and contractors in order to create a working environment that is free from injuries, ill health and accidents. ASCC management will ensure that employees adopt a zero-accident culture across the whole

organization, and continually improves occupational health and safety management and performance.

Health and safety is a line management responsibility. Every employee is responsible for his or her own safety, the safety of their colleagues, line managers are responsible for the safety of all employees reporting to them, the safety of all other persons on our premises and sites, and anyone who may be affected by the activities.

ASCC’s management team is fully committed to the consistent implementation and

achievement of the following health and safety across all of its operations:

The Company Will

Comply with all applicable laws and relevant industry standards or practice concerning the protection of the health and safety if its employees in the workplace and other person affected by its business, activities and the protection of environment

Resource the plan policy implementation.

Advise all employees and contractors of their responsibilities and regularly evaluate/measure performance.

Ensure that our safety management system remains active and dynamic, is reviewed regularly, and easily available to all persons who need access to it.

Be prepared to take disciplinary action against any employee who contravenes the company’s safety requirements.

Ensure through appropriate training, coaching and advice, that all employees are competent to undertake their duties without risk of injury and ill health to themselves or others and avoid damage to property, and equipment.

Evaluate, identify and eliminate or manage safety risks prior to beginning any operation or activity and continue to review such risks, complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Ensure the subcontractors, suppliers and others adhere to the company policies, procedure and goals.

Prepare for emergencies and other contingencies and respond promptly and effectively to any incidents or accidents resulting from operations.

Report all incidents, review performance and communicate progress.

Managers are required to

Assess in advance and continually review, the health and safety risk implications of any new or existing activity, processes, procedures, substance and equipment in order to implement safety systems of work.

Prohibit any employees or contractor to undertake a task unless it can be completed safely.

Quality leads with industrial project